Sitaram Palav

Financial Adviser

Mr. Sitaram Palav is the Chartered Accountant by profession and partner in the CA firm known as N.M. Karn & Associates. In more than six years in the industry, he has helped various companies in developing their financial strategies. Mr. Palav does financial analysis part of the organisation and advises us on developing our capital and financial management strategies.

Renovate India

Operations Adviser

Renovate India is a social enterprise consultancy firm. It provides consultancy on the operational and management issues of the organisations and works to make them sustainable. In analyzing the company's operational performance and developing our operational strategy Renovate India plays a significant role. Their advice helps us to maintain consistency in the company's operations.

The Market

Marketing Adviser

THE MARKET is the branding, marketing & advertising firm. It is founded by post-graduates who have done their MBA in Marketing and has more than ten years of experience in the field. Conducting market research, designing a marketing campaign and developing a marketing strategy are the areas where our company gets benefited from them. 

Cafe Creative

Design & Distribution

Cafe Creative is a start-up in the segment called communication design. It develops design pertaining to the communication strategy of the company. Cafe Creative takes care of our content designing, printing & distribution part. Developing comprehensive communication tools in the digital arena is the area in which we leverage the expertise of Cafe Creative.


Bharat Co-Op Bank

Banking & Finance

The Bharat Co-op. Bank (Mumbai) Limited was established with an intention to promote social justice and welfare and to take banking to the masses especially middle class and the low-income group of people to support their standard of living. The Bank through it's Khar (West) Mumbai Branch is supporting us with banking related work. 

SVC Bank

Banking & Finance

The Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank Ltd. is a scheduled bank, established in 1906 and is one of the oldest Urban Co-operative Bank in India. It was set up with the primary objective of assisting the less fortunate members of the community in its economic enterprises. The bank through it's Khar (West) Mumbai branch is supporting us to perform our financial obligations precisely.