11 concepts that make you an unbeatable personality

By ADESH GURAV (International Bestselling Author)

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Book Description:

A 21-year-old boy turned to drugs when he broke up with his girlfriend. A 23-year-old girl diagnosed with a depression when she failed in her final year of studies. A 28-year-old boy left his job halfway and remained unemployed due to his inability to find the suitable career path. A 32-year-old lady attempted suicide when she came to know about adultery by her husband. A newly married couple filed a divorced petition to get rid of arguments.

All such kind of incidences, generally known and ‘tragedies in life’ make us emotionally distressed. In spite of possessing good knowledge and education, we behave irrationally. We develop a belief that this is our destiny and we can do nothing to change it. Unknowingly, we become a ‘Destiny Follower’.

Concepts and principles covered in the book will bridge the gap between your emotional concerns and infinite emotional capabilities that you may otherwise be wasting. It's all yours if you want to become a ‘Destiny Creator’.

About Author:

Adesh Gurav is an international #1 bestselling author & India’s first MotiveActionalTM trainer in life skills. He is a certified life skill trainer and NLP practitioner. By academics, Adesh is, LL.B and MBA; but by passion and profession, he is the hardcore trainer and life coach. He trains and coaches young adults who are emotionally distressed due to their professional and personal challenges in life. His own developed and a unique MotiveActionalTM training method helps people gain their self-confidence back and upgrade their emotional intelligence.

Adesh himself attempted suicide in 2007 when he was totally broken due to the emotional issues that had arisen from his life’s tragedies. When he was rescued, he decided to help people who suffer because of their emotional concerns and in little less than six years he contributed more than 1000 lives. After earning a key to overcome emotional obstacles through his own life experiences; he founded a Social Enterprise training institute, ‘THE INSIDE YOU’ that looks at emotional well-being of urban young adults as a social need.

Adesh is on the mission of his life to bring your happiness back. As your friend, he is offering you this book and his training programme. You can get in touch with Your Friend in Need on this e-mail address. { }